Overview :

Sucksub is a suit of perl scripts and package which allows to search and store subtitles files on dedicated website. Based on libwww and perl WWW::Mechanize module
Sucksub modules allow to store and retrieve information about distant subtitles files thru dbm files.
All released modules retrive and store essential informations and produce simple html report thru similar methods.

CPAN releases :

WWW-Sucksub-Attila-0.03 automated access to attila french subtitles database  WWW-Sucksub-Divxstation-0.04 automated access to  WWW-Sucksub-Vostfree-0.02 automated access to

CVS access :

CVS tree is not weel organized at now : prefer my CPAN directory :

Otherwise, If you want to help developpement, first see the perl "test" packages on :

a few test perl script are available on

please, contact me if you have any suggestion et bug report

Documentation :

Pod Documentations are availables on CPAN Mirrors, use it !

Contact :